Saturday, May 31, 2008

Not Peanuts, Too!

Jeff took Izzy to the allergist yesterday for a follow-up visit and to test for a couple of things. She's been getting rashes when she eats tomatoes and strawberries, but not hives, so I wanted to have it checked out.

Long story short, she's not allergic to strawberries, oranges or tomatoes (just sensitive skin), but she tested positive to peanuts and almonds. I'm not surprised about the almonds since they're in the nut family, and she already tested positive for hazelnuts last time, but I'm bummed about the peanuts. I half expected it, but I was hopeful after the negative test last time. Despite there being so much awareness about peanut allergies, I think it's the most volatile of them all and the one that is most likely to kill. I'm obviously no expert, but I'm most nervous about the peanut allergy.

She's starting her new daycare on Monday (the one that didn't want her due to her allergies), so we'll see how that goes.

I'm off to enjoy the sunny weather we're having. Hope your weekend is great!


allergicmom said...

Hugs to you. At least you got the news as a test result and not a dangerous reaction. Small consolation, but we take what we can get, eh?

MoreThanMommy said...

Blah. That peanut allergy is a pain. Peanut butter just sticks to everything.

Sue said...

I'm so sorry about the new peanut diagnosis. No matter how prepared or unsurprised you are, it's still a major blow. And one more evil food to look out for.