Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Peabutter Dilema

Natalie is not allergic to peanuts and technically neither is Izzy. Her skin test was negative, but it's possible she hasn't been exposed yet, thus it might have been a false negative. My husband, however, is allergic, so we just don't have peanut butter at home (that stuff is too sticky to safely have around kids).

I recently bought some Peabutter and Natalie loves it (Izzy not so much, lol). Now I'm wondering if letting my kids have it was such a good idea after all. See, what worries me, is the fact that the texture, taste and smell of it is simillar to the real thing (I know, I know, that's the point), but will they know how to spot the difference?

Let's assume Izzy is allergic, will it create confusion about what she is allowed to eat? Is giving her something that pretends to be the very thing that could kill her a smart move? Would she really be missing out on so much if she just didn't have the peanutbutter and jelly experience? And then to add to the bag of questions, what to do about the non-allergic sibling? Natalie already knows that there is her yogurt and Izzy's yogurt, her milk and Izzy's milk. I'm just so confused.

Has anyone else thought about this? How did you deal with it? Do you give your kids the 'pretend' food and make sure they're vigilant about knowing the difference, or do you just tell them to avoid anything that 'acts' like the allergen? Any comments on this would be very helpful.

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All my love, Carmen said...

I think the most sensible rule is simply "don't eat anything unless mommy and daddy give it to you" be it pea butter, peanut butter, or whatnot. When they're older it's easier to explains hades of gray, but I think the "don't eat it unless mommy says or you asked her" works at that age.